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An Environmental Disaster is Now Looming

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The availability of unpolluted and reasonable water for everybody on the earth is changing into a serious challenge. it's rumored that by 2050 at least one in four individuals are going to be suffering from water stress and severe water shortages... in line with the International Water Association, water loss from pipe bursts, leaks, and water stealing accounts for twenty-fifth to 500th percent of the overall supply and in emerging markets, it goes up to seventy-fifth. this is often a worldwide cost of around US$2.8bn annually.

Fixing the problem may give water for 90 million individuals without requiring one drop of extra water.

Here you will learn the ancient art of true and profitable organic farming and gardening using fish to nourish your crop or livestock fodder. All Aquaponic systems use 90% less water than traditional soil growing even in the driest conditions. 

We believe our Aquaponic Fodder Systems are a first anywhere in the world. you are a farmer contact us today for more information. If you are a commercial or home family produce grower, consider a better way, organic and faster growth with fish as a bonus food or commercial salable produce. Using ONLY 10% of water than any other traditional agricultural method.


An Aquaponic Fodder Solution System is a climate controlled hydroponic room developed to reliably sprout grains & legumes into highly nutritious & digestible mats of feed.


AQUAFOD have for the first time ever in Australia, (or globally for that matter) added the process of Aquaponics and Solar to our Fodder Machines both container and greenhouse.

A common misconception regarding Aquaponic Fodder Growing Systems is that they are a new and unproven method of producing livestock fodder. The fact is, it Aquaponics is an ancient technology dating back to 10,000BC, hydroponic versions have actually been around for many decades now. an ancient technology dating back to 10,000BC. However, only Aquaponic Fodder will provide a true government certified, non-chemical, organic livestock feed to your farm. Offering certified organic produce.


Not only will your farm produce a higher quality sought after organic meat, milk or egg product, simply by a better way to feed, but the savings and return on investment are enormous. 

 AQUAFOD is by far the most energy efficient, fixed greenhouse or container transportable, economically sound and highest possible nutritionally balanced organic natural and 100% non-chemical production of Livestock feed.

A bonus is the farmer has an unexpected asset of growing fish to sell to the local regional community, something almost unavailable in 90% of regional centers being such a distance from the coast. 

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AQUAFOD is a registered subsidiary of Aquaponic Warrior owned by Shekinah Development Holdings Pty Limited, based in Brisbane. Established in 2015.