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Why is Aquaponics so significant? 

Why Aquaponics is by far Better than Organic

Our purpose is to supply online access to everyone wanting to grow a home or commercial food source. Bringing the highest quality products and components to your doorstep. Wherever possible, we supply only Australian Made. 

Aquaponics imitates the natural symbiotic connection between plants & fish.  When a producer is certified as traditionally organic, the certifying contractor infrequently stops by to assess if the producer is continuing to be genuinely practicing organic procedures. Many organic producer's practices fall off over time, not truly organic anymore.

Aquaponic Systems use live fish as nutrients in the water for plants and have no choice but to be totally chemical free, otherwise, the fish pass away!  Hydroponics is not 100% organic. Aquaponics is always 100% pure organic. With Aquaponic systems that's impossible, as fish cannot withstand even 1% of chemical additives.

Benefits of aquaponics:

  1. Recycled water is used in a closed system and circulated, reducing the effects of drought and the water wastage.
  2. None of the experience any soil borne diseases in aquaponics because there is no soil whatsoever in the systems.
  3. No need to use fertilisers because as fish provide rich nutrients to the plants.
  4. In aquaponics less water is used for the crop production. Research has shown that aquaponic gardens use 10% of the water you would use for soil growing technologies.
  5. Aquaponics is a way to grow your own fish and fodder, including farm household vegetables at the same time. You feed the fish and the fish will feed us.
  6. Plants and fish production can be done in a controlled climatic environment. A huge economic advantage for all regional centres.
  7. Regular pesticides or other chemicals can’t be used because they would harm the fish. Canaries of the Aquaponic Farm.
  8. Fodder feeds in a symbiotic combination in which plants are fed the aquatic animals’ discharge or waste through the fishes waste output.
  9. This results in healthier and organic fodder and vegetables.
  10. Plants grow fast because they get very nutritious substances from the fish waste.
  11. With AQUAFOD You can grow fodder in very small space, and have a ton of fodder harvested daily. Grown in just days.

An Aquaponics system consists of a tank containing the fish, and grow beds for fodder or vegetable production. 

  • Advantages of Aquaponics
  • Fodder systems are greenhouse and all are Solar powered
  • Place anywhere on your farm, no mains power required for pumps 


Why Aquaponics is Better ?

Aquaponic unites 'Aquaculture' and 'Hydroponics' to develop drought busting livestock fodder, edible vegetables and fish harvested from your own on-site production.

 A Natural Symbiotic Relationship