Business Integrity Code of Practice

Shekinah Development Holdings Pty Limited ® - Business Integrity Code of Practice

Trading as; Jawan Organic Farms ® by Aquaponic Warrior ® ABN 67-609343259

This Business Integrity Code of Practice is a combination of rules and guidance for behaviour and action. It seeks to address key regulatory and other important requirements impacting Shekinah Development Holdings’s business in dealing with our partners and in Aquaponic Warrior projects, this includes our Indigenous Cooperative Foundation, which is dedicated to establishing organic food farms within Aboriginal Communities across Australia, thereby transforming lives.  Leoti Cooperative Limited ® - QC0369

In addition to providing guidance on matters of ethics (such as whether to accept pro-bono partnering, gifts and hospitality), the Business Integrity Code of Practice sets our expectations in respect of fraud, bribery & corruption, sanctions, privacy & data protection, Cyber security, conflicts of interest, confidentiality and other matters.

Our Integrity Matters