Business Integrity Code of Practice

Shekinah Development Holdings Pty Limited ® - Business Integrity Code of Practice

🌿 Jawan Organic Farms®️: A Commitment to Integrity 🌟

Trading under the banner of Aquaponic Warrior®️ with ABN 67-609343259, Jawan Organic Farms embraces a profound Business Integrity Code of Practice. This isn't just a set of rules; it's a compass guiding our behavior and actions toward the highest standards of ethical conduct.

🛡️ Upholding Business Values and Regulatory Compliance 🌐

Our Code of Practice goes beyond mere compliance; it's a pledge to navigate the business landscape with integrity, addressing regulatory requirements and ethical considerations. As a proud entity of Shekinah Development Holdings, we understand the importance of transparent and principled dealings with our partners.

🌱 Cultivating Transformation in Aboriginal Communities 🤝

Embedded within this commitment is our Indigenous Cooperative Foundation, dedicated to establishing organic food farms in Aboriginal Communities across Australia. We believe in transforming lives through sustainable practices, empowering communities to thrive with organic goodness. Leoti Cooperative Limited®️ (QC0369) stands as a testament to this commitment.

🤲 Ethical Guidance for Partnerships and Projects 🤝

Our Business Integrity Code extends its guiding hand to matters of ethics, offering clear direction on issues like pro-bono partnerships, handling gifts, and hospitality. It is a comprehensive document that sets expectations regarding fraud prevention, anti-bribery measures, data protection, cybersecurity, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, and more.

🌐 A Holistic Approach to Business Conduct 🌈

At Jawan Organic Farms, we understand that integrity is not just about ticking boxes; it's a commitment woven into the fabric of our organization. Privacy matters, data protection is non-negotiable, and we approach every project with a dedication to the highest ethical standards.

💚 Our Pledge: Integrity Matters Above All 💚

In a world of complexities, uncertainties, and challenges, our pledge remains unwavering – integrity matters above all. This commitment is not just a code; it's a living philosophy that guides our every action, ensuring that we leave a positive impact on the world.

🌟 Discover Integrity at Its Finest with Jawan Organic Farms 🌿