OMAN, Middle East - Introduces Aquaponic Farming System for 'National Food Security'


   How an whole nation has entered the Aquaponic Farming System for 'national food sustainability'

 The initiative is that the Sultanate's biggest Aquaponic operation and also the largest Aquaponic farm at the Middle East. Conceptually it rivals the very best in the world showcasing its own operational robustness from the desert climate.  Aquaponics is a obviously engineered, ecosystem constituting, food production system which unites in a re-circulating version freshwater fish culture and obviously organic crop growing.  

Aquaponic harvest includes a niche market place, providing chemical free, tank reared, low-stress fish along with 100% certified pesticide free, of course grown, authentic organic harvest produces most frequently exceeding certification criteria in an environmentally capable irrigation system.  Al Arfan Aquaponic Farms includes a 100 percent closed-loop re-circulation methodology comprising zero release to the environment.  Our climate management is performed through natural means rather than the conventional water awkward evaporative cooling.  Our worth and dedication not to impacting the environment and its sources is importantly achieved through a 93% reduction in water use plus a 48% lower carbon footprint compared to traditional agriculture.  

Watch here what Oman has attained with Aquaponic farming


What's the objective of an aquaponics system?

Since aquaponics recycles the water from the machine, we could develop in droughts and regions with minimal water.

  • Less pests to cope with because we're growing inside.
  • Plants Grows Two times as Fast!  As a result of naturally fortified water out of fish.
  • Even most accepted organic pesticides would ruin our fish.  Our tap water includes chloramine, which can be an additive similar to chlorine which would ruin our fish.

The general agricultural land is becoming depleted and the vast majority of the populace is counting food cultivated by under five-hitter of their entire population.  Additionally in-order to increase the meeting, farmers out of underdeveloped and developing nations are using fertilizers and pesticides on the other hand advocated limitations.  Some developed nations have given a green sign for Genetically modified (GM) plants.  This is sometimes leading to hazardous and non-curable health problems like cancer. 

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