• 100% Pure & Natural Fodder & Jawan Organic Farming

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100% Pure & Natural Fodder & Jawan Organic Farming

Jawan Commercial Farms

Aquaponic Pure Organic Food

Drought Proofing Livestock Fodder

Azolla - Highly Nutritious Livestock Feed

AQUAFOD Fodder Greenhouse Scalable & Expandable Aquaponic Fodder Growing Systems - Unique Technical Parameters

Email for more info@aquafod.com

Symbiosis Food Security is Nothing New

Singapore is Leading the World in Aquaponic Farming

Murray Hallam is without doubt the best known face of the world-wide Aquaponics industry

Four-Day Aquaponics Master Classes 2021

FROM $1290.00 - $2280.00 (AUD)

eirly bird- Register your interest NOW!

The 'GTOE' Team [greatest team on earth]

Our Commitment to Food Security & Environmental Sustainability

Aquaponic Warrior, incorporating AQUAFOD and Jawan Organic Farms' innovative patent pending unique equipment design and manufactured by our own Architectural Design & Product Manufacturing Team.

Our new direction to manufacture a better product has been one of the few blessings of the global pandemic, bringing us to re-evaluate our supply. We are now 100% Designed & Made in Australia. Here is where like minded friends working separately as professionals for many years, has come together as the "Greatest Team on Earth"

We now symbolically call ourselves, the GTOE TEAM!

Our GTOE Team

The Founder, Wendy McFarlane, of Aquaponic Warrior, innovating 'Symbiotic System Farming' away from the popular small home base, DIY Aquaponic 'hobby' movement, although it has it's place. We have taken a step higher, into a viable, scalable, and organically Sustainable Commercial Aquaponics business model. Security in Food production and drought proofing Aussie Farmers livestock feed supply.

Design Architect Will Marcus of ARGO

Renowned globally, based in Brisbane. Together, ARGO have taken our founder's inspiration for a better base equipment, trade marked 'FodaPods' and our very unique collapsible aluminum 5000-25000L fish tanks, our 'RaftMagic' DWC grow beds. All of our sturdy products are designed as collapsible into a box! ready for shipping is our unique logistics' solution. We've created the most innovatively unique, life warranty, Aquaponic Farming base equipment designs ever, a first globally.

Jawan Farms Commercial Fit-outs by Brett Holden of Calibre Constructions

One of Australia's most respected commercial fit-out company established in 1998, based in Sydney constructions Australia wide. Combined with a hand-picked team of skilled trade professionals and some of the best creative and intellectual trades in the building industry.

Manufacturer Paul Lawrence, Principal & Engineer of RapidFab

MDC Bespoke Metal Fabrication on the Gold Coast.
Paul's fabrications are recognised for innovation and attention to detail, Rapid Fab is our metal fabrication specialists.
Working together with the design team, adding to and manufacturing the most unique, innovative Aquaponics farming equipment ever ventured.

Our Aquaponics Course Educator, Murray Hallam

What can we say here, no higher acclaim than this; Murray is the man who has taken Aquaponics in the last 15 years into the 21st. centaury! Teaching thousands globally in 110 countries, instigating huge commercial farms, taking dry deserts to 97% food production of that country. With Murray Hallam's online and face to face workshops, on how to farm by Aquaponics, how to farm sustainable pure foods by a closed Symbiotic System, with fish feeding plants of all kind. Using 95% less water than soil farming.

Aquaponic Warrior's equipment is TM with Patents Pending.