• Jawan Organic Farming by Ecological Systems. Food Production is 100% Pure & Natural - Global Food Security and Reform!

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Jawan Organic Farming by Ecological Systems. Food Production is 100% Pure & Natural - Global Food Security and Reform!

Jawan Commercial Farms

Aquaponic Pure Organic Food

Azolla - Highly Nutritious Livestock Feed

We pay our respects to Elders past and present

Leoti Cooperative and Jawan Organic Farms LEARN MORE

Symbiosis Food Security is Nothing New

Leoti Cooperative Limited - Registered QC0369

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CO-OP Memberships are NOW OPEN Contact Us

We are inviting all Indigenous Communities to extend their interest of owning a Jawan Organic Farm on country, on your community land, owned and run by your own Tribe.

Aborigional Community groups and corporations farming for the health and wellbeing of your Community. Members are nominated and approved by the Board of Leoti Cooperative to become involved in the farm projects.

Indigenous Organic Farming Projects

Let's All Work Together

Aquaponic Warrior acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live and work and recognises their continuing connection to land, water and community. Aquaponic Warrior is currently working on three Jawan Organic Farm projects, for Indigenous Communities in Queensland, with many more to come, across all of Australian communities. These farms are going to transform these peoples' lives into healthy, productive and respectful mobs' environments on their own Country.

Managed by Leoti Cooperative Limited, Registered #QC0369


Organic Strawberries are one of the most successful crops grown indoors by Symbiosis. Using only 5% water, than soil, No pests, No storm damages are Drought RESILIENT PERFECT STRAWBERRIES EVERY TIME.


Changing the way we grow food 2022 >2050

Have you given any thoughts to what if? What now? Our company is by no means radical or preppers, but we see the road ahead. Dwindling natural resources are forcing us to look into more sustainable ways of living. Aquaponics is a developing sustainable food production method coupling aquaculture and horticulture together in one circular system mimicking nutrient and water cycles in nature. Methodology of
aquaponics has gained increased interest in recent years and the number of aquaponic practitioners has increased greatly since 2007.

Without being viewed as a "radical-prepper", in our reality, there are very real threats to Australia's supplies of water, land and power supplies. We must become more food security and pollution aware, take back our own controls, becoming fully sustainable, in even the largest commercial farms, in all food production, where we are not dependant upon third-party supplies, but own and manage our own "Closed-Cycle Sustainable Farming Production", on the largest scale, everything from seed to solar. Our focus is on Commercial Organics with Solar, Symbiosis, and BioPonics.

100% control on our future carbon footprints . No chemicals. No artificial fertilisers. Yes! to good health!

Email us today for your commercial farm plan, your new next business for the community benefits we will make your reality.

Our Commitment to Food Security & Environmental Sustainability

Aquaponic Warrior, incorporating AQUAFOD and Jawan Organic Farms' innovative patent pending unique equipment design and manufactured by our own Architectural Design & Product Manufacturing Team. Our new direction to manufacture a better product has been one of the very few, surprising blessings of the 2019 Wuhan Virus from China and the catastrophic global pandemic, bringing many and us to halt business, to revaluate our imported supply, and for this part we are truly thankful as we now design uniquely and manufacture all our own products. 100% Better products! Made in Australia.

We are, and always will be totally committed to continual innovation, designed & made here in Australia. Here, where like minded friends working separately as professionals for many years, have come together. We've created the most innovatively AUSTRALIAN MADE Symbiotic (aquaponic) Farming base equipment and GreenSheds design, a first of the kind, globally.

AQUAFOD Livestock FodaPods & Jawan Organic Farms Commercial Fit-outs by our own Master Builder Constructions.

Our own fully accredited Master Builder will coordinate all the production farm setting-up and construction build of our own uniquely designed Grow Shed with a manufacturers* warranty on all parts of our 'Eco GreenSheds' construction on site. Bringing your new symbiotic farm to life PROFESSIONALLY.

Australia's most respected commercial fitout company established in 1998, based in Sydney we will do system constructions Australia wide. Combined with a hand-picked team of skilled Trade Professionals and some of the best creative thinking and intellectual Tradies in the building industry.

Our Aquaponics Course Educator, Murray Hallam

What can we say here, no higher acclaim than this; Murray is the man who has taken Aquaponics in the last 15 years into the 21st. centaury. Teaching thousands globally in 108 countries, instigating huge commercial farms, taking dry deserts to 97% food production of that country. With Murray Hallam's online and face to face workshops, on how to farm by Aquaponics, how to farm sustainable pure foods by a closed Symbiotic Systems. All our new farm sales include this course to secure your best practices of a Symbiotic Organic Farm.


Drought Resilience in Australia

Recovery and Future Australian Drought Resilience Protection in Livestock Fodder on your Farming Property. Government low cost loans to build a stronger regional Australia.

www.ric.gov.au ~ More than 1,575 total loans approved to lift Aussie farmers into drought recovery this financial year, valued at $1.65 billion as at 30 April 2021



Australia is fast adopting this way of sustainable farming, with the wasted land in Australia, we could easily feed the world, and with Aquaponic Warrior's commercial solar powered greenhouse systems using Symbiotics and Bioponics, we will also save 90% of our precious water!

Contact us today to ask how your Aussie farm may benefit with new Drought Resilience Technology & Innovations creating fresh long-term income on your farm, with Australian Government RIC low interest, long term Funding. (conditions apply)

AQUAFOD Fodder Greenhouse Scalable & Expandable Symbiotic Fodder Growing Systems - Unique Technical Parameters

Email for more info@aquafod.com

Singapore is Leading the World in Aquaponic Farming

Murray Hallam is without doubt the best known face of the world-wide Aquaponics industry

Four-Day Aquaponics Master Classes 2022

Dates are subject to COVID-19 restrictions

March 7-10

May 22-26

July 25-28

October 24-27

FROM Single $1290.0 Two $2280.00 (AUD)

Held at North Maclean, QLD, about an hour south-west of the Brisbane CBD.

If you’re serious about aquaponics - whether domestic or commercial - this course will set you up for success.
The training comprises practical greenhouse sessions and course lectures each day. All day tea/coffee and a light luncheon will be provided each day.

Murray is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Murray holds Australian Gov TEA40110 Cert IV in Workplace Training and Assessment.

eirly bird- Register your interest NOW!