The Great Awakening for Aboriginal Communities

 Let's all come Together and make Life count!

We pay our respect to the Elders, past, present and emerging in all the communities.

We as a business will plan developments to support all Indigenous communities around this First Peoples' Nation.

We acknowledge these Mobs in and around our business base of Brisbane, Queensland Regions and other Mobs in Regions across this nation as we reach our community developments.

Together for a Customary Purpose

We recognise that trust and respect are the cornerstones of effective working relationships and we place emphasis on participation of local community. 

In response to rapidly growing global demand for high integrity nature-based solutions to support Indigenous business, ever changing climate and corporate social responsibility strategies. 

Our farming strategy acts as a pathway for creating a healthier lifestyles,  jobs and economic opportunities. We will help to harness family relationships, strengthen self-respect, and activate opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with our farming innovators.

We will give aquaponic farming practice support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to walk their own pathway to success. 

Jawan Organic Farm - Community Social Enterprise Developments across all Aboriginal Communities in Australia, One by One!

Caring for Country & Country Caring for Us

Our planning acknowledges the traditional owners, historical owners and community members as the traditional custodians of the land which now forms the various Aboriginal Shire Council Areas.

We will introduce our food growing projects the customs and traditions have nurtured and managed the land for generations.

We pay respect to the Aboriginal custodianship of the land by seeking permission to use its resources and ensuring that development acknowledges the special and ongoing cultural relationship of the Aboriginal community with the land.

Jawan Farms are introducing our systems into Aboriginal Communities across NSW and QLD and far reaches of this Nation. Bringing together, self ownership or community groups ownership. We are working with all groups to help establish the 100% Organic Farming enterprise, as a commercial or home system. 

When we talk about family health, it's not only about the obvious caring for families, it's also very much grass-roots country feeding pure whole foods in abundance. Talking medically, we we do not eat correctly, how can we possibly think clearly or live a long and healthy life.  Whole 100% Organic grown foods, fish and vegetables, bush tucker, and fruits, gives our body the nutrition to be strong, mentally healthy and will also help stop cravings for the wrong fast foods which are all around us. 

Mental Health is being discussed more and more these days, which we embrace and celebrate. But mental health doesn’t only mean feeling stable under stress or balanced when things in life go awry, it actually refers to the physical health of the brain overall. Pure whole foods, like fish and vegetables, also helps us highlight foods to avoid for optimal brain health, namely: pro-inflammatory foods like processed oils and sugars, alcohol, aspartame (found in diet sodas and gums) and caffeine. 

When we eat correctly, we don't want these bad foods. It's all a matter of availability. Jawan Farms provided a entire community of this availability all year round. It will also provide another element for good, strong mental health, which is importantly, employment, financial incomes, and with a proud purpose. 

Bush foods are edible plants that are native to Australia

As they've been harvested, cooked and used as medicine for tens of thousands of years by Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders and are an important part of living cultures. Many are easy to grow in an Aquaponic system like a Jawan Organic Farm.

WARRIGAL GREENS SPINACH  (Tetragonia tetragonoides)

Aboriginal name(s)  Warrigal (Dharug language, meaning “wild”)

You can use Warrigal Greens the way you’d use spinach, chard, silverbeet and bok choy. Like with spinach, the leaves are rich in oxalates, so should be blanched or cooked before eating. Warrigal Greens are Australia’s answer to English spinach.

Warrigal Greens - Tetragonia tetragonioides #1

Lemon myrtle (Backhousia citriodora)

Lemon myrtle, also know as Sweet Verbena, has traditionally been used by indigenous Australians for cooking and medicinal purposes. The oil has extremely high citral purity and is considered to be higher than lemongrass. It makes an excellent alternative for lemon flavouring in any dish, especially where you want to avoid the acidity of real lemon juice. Growing in an aquaponic system, they can easily be pruned to size, including Bachhousia anisata (aniseed scented). 

Backhousia citriodora | GardensOnline

Native mint (Mentha australis)

Native River Mint - Mentha australis - Tucker Bush
Native River Mint (aka. Wild Mint) is a smaller, more delicate relative of more well-known mints like peppermint and spearmint. It has long been used in Aboriginal culture as a flavoursome bushfood, insect repellant and medicinal herb. Grows very well in Aquaponics, Native River Mint loves moisture and shade. In the wild, you’ll find it growing in most regions of the country. The River Mint is the perfect Aussie replacement or substitute for other types of mint, or a fantastic addition to a native herb garden.

We all need to know where our food comes from, lets 'Be Healthy' 




Creation of REAL work as a result of business tasks with Indigenous men and women being trained and employment ready and on-boarded to an unique opportunity at the end of their training. In a natural way establishing a healthy community and stronger family connections.

Regulatory Reform

Remove obstacles to private resource control as well as business to produce a natural environment for profit-making and also personal health and economic improvement.

Private Ownership
The economies of Aboriginal communities are driven by private get-up-and-go and also private resource control. Indigenous men and women get involved totally in Australia's free-market profit-making system by means of real employments in the non-government market and with the help of business activities.
Financial investment
Establish an atmosphere that will definitely enable peoples together with stimulating investment along with the progress of funding in the direction of Aboriginal communities.
Self-Reliant and Sustainable
Activities will be considered to be done for an Aboriginal customary purpose if they involve:  preparing or consuming food customarily eaten by Aboriginal people, preparing or using medicine customarily used by Aboriginal people. Community working in their own commercial farming sustainability for health and wellbeing for all the community families.

Respect with a Helping Hand Up with Community Purpose

All this can be done with a Jawan Organic Farm Projects 

Owned and Operated by the Aboriginal Community, back to Country for Healthy Foods and Healthy lives with a Great Family Purpose. 

Self-Sustainability, Food Naturally.

The Jawan Yaabubiin Indigenous Business Model is an intelligent small business owner, inspiring individuals with each other to develop and also build strategies and also advertising and marketing those concepts to produce improvement and also encourage commercialism, self-sufficiency, as well as financial engagement as the solution to Aboriginal commercial abundance.

Jawan's Yaabubiin business model's function is to support organic sustainable, eco-farming concepts that will definitely create improvement by strenuous traditional clear thinking, pondering on the family, along with cultivating new development to create fresh methods of resolving old troubles.

Yaabubiin” is the Gumbaynggirr word for “economy” (literally “all things” – “yaabu” meaning “things” or “possessions” and “biin” meaning “all”). 

It is pronounced:  “yaa” – long “a” as in “car”    “bu” – short “u” as in “but”     “biin” – as in “been”

"JAWAN" meaning "fish" of "any kind" in the Aboriginal language, in country of Dugul-barra and Wari-barra family groups.  

 "Jawan" is pronounced:  “Jay Waan"– long “a” as in “car”  




A Community Announcement from our Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt unveiled the details of the new 'Closing the Gap' scheme to tackle the welfare of its Indigenous communities. They were joined by Aboriginal activist Pat Turner.