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5 Main Benefits of Aquaponics: Why?

Aquaponics System Is Advantageous

  • Food Security – Closed Loop System
  • Organic Health – Eat Whole Foods
  • Water Conservation – Only ever 5% Water Used, recycled
  • Nowadays, Aquaponics gardening system is gaining interest worldwide as more people are turning towards locally grown food
  • A Primary or Supplementary source of income, with tourism opportunities

What is An Aquaponics Farming System?

  • Basically, Aquaponics is a food production process that combines aquaculture with hydroponics. It is based on the interdependence between fish and plants
  • Growing both Fish & Veggies/Fruits together in a closed cycle system
  • As it’s using Fish to fertilise the plants, NO chemicals, whatsoever can be involved, to save the Fish!

What Does the System Look Like?

Large fish tanks, connecting nutrient water to feeding the grow beds in a large closed loop, Eco GreenShed

Why are Fish Involved?

  • The plants and animals in an Aquaponics System have a Symbiotic relationship with each other. The fish produce bio-nutrients for the plants in terms of excretion, while the plants clean the water, creating a perfect environment for the fish to grow and develop.
  • The other great benefit of involving Fish, is the system must be organic, and Fish are grown to healthy plate size eating

What Fish are Suitable? Depending on Location - Cool or Tropical

In the high country of NSW, Tasmania, and Victoria, Trout are a great eating & system fish to grow and operate well in the system.

Qld, NT and WA, Native Perch both Silver and Gold do very well. Barramundi are a great system Fish. Crayfish are also very good in Aquaponic Systems


Golden Perch

Silver Perch




Food Security for the Future

  • The convenience of growing your own food on site, on demand, by the Community, on Country!
  • Employment opportunities for all Community.
  • Study focus on useful, real courses for lifestyle and sustainable food growing technologies and cafe business management.
  • Freshness - Whole food is best for health of all ages. Let your food be your medicine.
  • Organically grown food is healthier for people and the environment, and tastes a lot better too.
  • Food Security Plan A - the security that it can provide during tough economic uncertainties.
  • A Community owned Aquaponics Jawan Organic Farm could suddenly turn into a survival necessity for you and your family, if a family member suddenly becomes unemployed, or if current grocery prices become too expensive to afford. Community collectively will survive.
  • Food Security Plan B - during any chaotic or desperate event such as a pandemic and natural disaster that comes suddenly. Where roads, transportation systems and store supplies that we all have come to rely on and take for granted are interrupted or are no longer available. Which could leave many people vulnerable and without the basic necessities of food and water.
  • Growing/ raising your own food would also give Community the peace of mind of knowing that you were eating food that did not come from chemically grown or genetically modified farm foods hundreds of kilometres away. Many supermarket foods which contain GMO's, do not have to be labelled as contaminated with toxic farm chemicals, or containing GMO ingredients. And many concerned consumers, prefer to eat foods which organic and have not been altered.
  • Most people never think about the possibility of there not being food available to buy at the grocery stores.

Indigenous Community Grown Foods

A Lifetime Investment for the Community on Country

  • A Jawan Organic Farm & Cafe will give everyone in your Community self-reliance, a personal pride
  • Provide employment to anyone wanting to farm
  • Healthy, Fresh and 100% Sustainable Foods
  • Environmental perfect for your own Country
  • Uses 95% less water than any other farming
  • No harsh farm chemicals, No artificial fertilisers
  • Community can open the Cafe using own foods to tourism in all locations
  • We will assist and guide your community through the necessary government approvals and operational standards. Ongoing support for the life of your farm

Organic Farm Grown Cafe Sales

Request your Jawan Organic Farm System & Tourist Cafe Prospectus

  • Tell us your Location and Community Population size
  • How far is your Community from a major Regional Shopping Centre
  • What would you hope to get out of a Jawan Organic Farm?
  • What social benefits is your Community needing?

We are talking to Federal Government on your behalf for Community Funding –The Community will own the farm.

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