AQUAFOD'S Future Drought Fund Assistance

In support of Australian Federal Government indicatives for Australian Farming in Drought Recovery and Protection

AQUAFOD can assist in helping our farmers not only recover from a devastating drought but also protect from future droughts with our latest fodder systems. Grow fresh grass or grain sprouts in 7-21 days* from 100kg up to  20,000+kg per DAY! 

 Future Drought Fund Consultative Committee            

•    Consultative Committee will seek input from stakeholders for a Drought Resilience Funding Plan
•    Ensures Future Drought Fund used for the best drought resilience measures

A group of eminent Australians has been established to help deliver $100 million in drought resilience and preparedness programs to communities every year through the Future Drought Fund.

Future Drought Fund Consultative Committee as an important milestone in taking action on drought. 

The committee will now develop the Drought Resilience Funding Plan for the Fund, which begins with a $3.9 billion credit that will grow to $5 billion. 

“The Future Drought Fund was established to give drought-prone Australians the best tools to plan and prepare for drought and sustain their livelihoods and communities. 

  • The Drought Resilience Funding Plan:
    • will guide investment decisions on specific drought resilience projects.
    • will be reviewed every four years.
  • The Future Drought Fund begins with an initial credit of $3.9 billion with earnings to be reinvested until the balance reaches $5 billion, expected to be over the next decade. 
  • The Fund provides $100 million every year from 1 July 2020, for new investment in drought resilience and preparedness.
  • The Fund will support a range of drought resilience measures including:
    • research and innovation
    • new technology
    • infrastructure
    • community initiatives
    • better environmental and natural resource management

AQUAFOD, our fodder solution, has the new technology designed and developed by us, manufactured in Australia by us. 

Our FodaPods by Aquaponic Warrior will deliver from 100kg a day to 20,000kg+ a day of fresh green sprouted fodder for all farming livestock, from little chickens to cattle, sheep to big buffalo or camel. 100% Drought Resilience

Greenhouse System is a unique Modular Cubes, our AQUAFOD FodaPods expand to scale to grow to any livestock herd size requirements



* fodder grown in 7-21 days* from 100kg up to 20,000+kg. Growing days will depend nutritional or bulk feed on requirements. 
17 September 2019