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Aquaponic Fodder Systems are supporting Australian farmers drought relief We will give you our biggest support.

Contact us right now. Federal Government interest free loans are available to approved primary producer applicants. No red tape, fast approvals to get on with the job of beating Australia's disastrous drought.

November 7, 2019 UPDATE


Aquaponic Fodder Growing System

Fresh Grass Feedlots proven better for our health than grain fed. NO dry conditions will be too dry for our AQUAFOD Aquaponic Fodder Growing System.

Save your livestock. There is now no need to sacrifice prized breeding stock. We hope our systems of fodder production will save Australian farmers from off-loading livestock. AQUAFOD Fodder Systems can show you how to maintain livestock feed to the highest quality with only 10% water usage

Day 1 SEEDING to Day 7- 20 FEEDING

Based upon new research, AQUAFOD now recommend a 20 day fodder growing cycle for optimal livestock fodder nutrition. (contrary to popular consensus)

Our custom Australian made fodder units will provide either 7 days growing for bulk feeding or the best nutritional feeding in 20 days growing. Growing up to and more than 1 ton plus daily! by Aquaponic Fodder Growing System AQUAFOD'S 'FodaPod' Fodder Making Equipment. Innovatively designed by AQUAFOD. Patent Pending.

As undoubtedly the most proven economically viable and organic solution to feeding cattle, sheep, goat. Aquaponic Warrior is doing our bit to help Aussie Farmers manage to feed their stock in these dry drought conditions. AQUAFOD have designed and innovated a fodder growing system used successfully in Saudi Arabia and India recently. Australian drought needs this system. We have adapted our (patent pending) design to be best suited to Australian farmers requirements, stock and weather conditions. AQUAFOD can guarantee we can grow stock fodder faster than the community can round up the bails of hay and transport to the outback farmers. (bless 'em!)

Practical help shows an Aussie farmer like Jim and his family, that they’re not alone. It provides a spark of hope in situations that may have seemed overwhelmingly hopeless. Our Officers are trained to see the warning signs of depression and potential suicide. And it’s why we don’t give up on anyone. Your donation saves lives.

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