Our Manufacturing Costs Rising 2022

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Aluminum Prices Spike Up 62% and Will Continue Rallying in 2022 

What can we do?

Nothing, we're at the mercy of down the supply chain.

Throughout this year, aluminum prices continuously grew and in October 2021 reached $2934 per tonne, gaining 62% compared to October 2020. China's output has decreased due to restrictions on energy usage and halted production at a 300K-ton capacity factory in Yunnan province. Driven by increasing demand against expected supply limitations, the average yearly price in 2022 is projected to rise by 6% y-o-y. [year over year]

As these costs rise, so we have no other choice but increase our manufacturing cost accordingly. Equally, if an unexpected drop in raw materials drop, we will also drop our prices. In fairness to all.

Our Eco GreenSheds [greenhouses] are aluminium/steel frame and all our own designed and manufactured, [in Australia] Grow Beds, Fish Tanks and Fodder Pods, we make all in aluminum. This process will provide life-long product use, with nothing to reduce shelf life.


ALL Our Grow Beds, Fodder Pods, and Fish Tanks and components are proudly designed and manufactured by us in Australia.

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