Compared with soil cultivation, SYMBIOTIC farms have reduced water consumption by 90%.

Due to the natural evolution of climate change, in the past few centuries, whether it is natural evolution or natural, historical, complex climate and geographical environment, it is difficult to use limited water during the dry season, with precious resources to maintain a stable water supply for growing food sources for the population who depends on our farmers.

Even if we observe that our precipitation is three times the world average, the per capita water resources are only one-fifth of the world average, making Australia one of the world's most scarce water resources. However, the highest population density will also increase the difficulty of water distribution and cause inconvenience to the area. Therefore, water supports almost all parts of our lives, from fully functional clean, reliable drinking water and safe wastewater services, to green spaces and clean waterways and essential to food supply.

The Symbiotic Organic Farm achieves all of this, it is 100% organic. Provides the best health needs for family life.


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