Aquaponic Organic Strawberries - 3mm Toughened Poly Horticultural Glasshouse $POA

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Did you know you can grow perfect organic Strawberries and sell them from your farm gate? With no nasty animals interfering with your growth! NO, Slugs, snails, ants, aphids, spider mites, and inclement weather do not conspire against aquaponic strawberry growers. Harvesting perfect red berries to sell.  

Three farms sizes, complete solar greenhouse kits available.
Farm Greenhouse and Strawberry Aquaponic Kits. 
Various size options - Large Commercial POA

AW/SG6 Series  $POA

SIZE (W*L*H)  1915 *3745 *1912mm     

3mm Toughened Horticultural Glass (Mill Silver)

 FREE DELIVERY    (capital city)

(Greenhouse frame and glass only) Full kits available.


SMALL to LARGE FARM - Aquaponic Grow Beds

Fish, Tanks, and Fittings (extra)



Frame 3220*7634*3150mm

3mm Toughened Glass  1271*205*765mm

Galvanized Steel Base   3827*130*80mm

Total Shipping Weight     225kg