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Livestock Feed for the Future $POA

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Aquaponic Fodder Growing System.The Livestock Feed for the Future

STARTER KIT 10*2.5m Greenhouse Fodder Complete Kit 1 x unit fodder stand, grow trays, solar. plus a small greenhouse and fish tank, fittings included.

GREENHOUSE -10mX2.5m Basic Fodder Grow Unit -2x (L3.5m*W1.7m*H2.1m) 

FISH TANKS -1x 500 liters fish tan $ -1x 500 litres sump tank $ -1x 100 litres solid separation tank -1x 100 litres biofilter tank $ PUMPS -2X submersible pumps 1000l/h  and 500l/h 

SOLAR KIT GREENHOUSE 20mx8m (160m) $ Fodder Grow Unit (L3.5mxW1.7mxH2.1m) 8X fodder grow unit of 7 layers each

TRAYS 2x submersible pumps 1000l/h 1x$ and 500l/h 1x$ 1x back up pumps 1000l/h 1x$ 1x auto-siphon $71AUD 2x aerator sets 2x$ 1x back up aerator $ fish tanks 500 litres $ sump tanks 500 litres $ biofilter tanks 200 litres $ 1x solids separator tanks 200 litres $ 14x 15m misting cord with 24 bras nozzle head $ Timer, filter and Tee for sprinklers $ 1x

FILTER SPONGE 1mx2m $ 3m of 25mm pipes(3x$) 3m of 50mm pipes(3x$) 5m of 75mm pipes(5x$) 3m of 90mm pipes(3x$) 10 pcs 25mm,50mm,75mm, 90mm each) of Elbow joints($+$+$+$) 10 pcs 25mm,50mm,75mm, 90mm each) of Cross joints($+$+$+$) Complete solar system $

Our fodder solution growing kits keep working summer or winter, economically leaps ahead in drought times or no drought.

Systems that are economically sound as better and cheaper than any traditional feeds. Livestock is researched to have vastly improved visible health in just two (2) weeks on Aquaponically grown fodder. Growing for your own farm livestock or grow commercially to sell to your neighboring farmers.

Aquaponic Fodder Systems Australian Federal and State Government-subsidised LOW-INTEREST loans with 5-year interest-only repayment, available to take out as long as 10-20 years.

Making it easier for all of Australia’s drought-affected primary producers are available to approve eligible applicants.

Aquaponic fodder growing systems are drought busters! Apply now to your local Federal or State Government Member. All sized systems available talk to us about customizing Aquaponic Fodder Solutions to the operation and size of your farm.