Live Mealworms-1KG (approx) 2000-4000 Count

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Live Mealworms

1KG - Medium (approx) 2000-4000 Count

(Dependant upon maturity of mealworms. Small-Med-Large size)

Packed in Bran with air vents. Will be posted fridge cooled. We will not ship on Thursday or Friday to avoid weekend storage holdups. 

On arrival, leave at cool room temperature (under 26'C ) in vented container and feed grated carrots for 1-2 days. When the food is gone, add fresh bran and keep dry. Feed every 2 days, until used as fish food.

Hold your worms at your local post office?

If there are going to be extreme temperatures where you are, we strongly recommend having your worms held at your local post office. This will ensure that they are not left outside in the extreme heat or cold.

Please Note: Shipping is with a cold pack, air vented box. Although we take all precautions and care in packaging, we cannot guarantee live on delivery as it is subject to courier handling and time delays if in hot conditions, which are out of our control. Check your Country Custom Regulations. (Buyers' responsibility) 

Mealworms Aquaponic Fish Food

Also good feed for:

Fish, Birds and Reptiles all enjoy the benefits of the high protein and nutritional value of mealworms. Whether enjoying a day of fishing or placing in a feeder to attract wild birds, the faithful meal worms will always fulfill its destiny of supplying fishermen, pet owners, and bird enthusiasts with the highest degree of enjoyment.