Aquaponic Warrior - Strawberry Farm in our POLYCARBONATE GREENHOUSES

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Did you know you can grow perfect organic Strawberries and sell them from your farm gate? With no nasty animals interfering with your growth! NO, Slugs, snails, ants, aphids, spider mites, and inclement weather do not conspire against aquaponic strawberry growers. Harvesting perfect red berries to sell.  

Perfect for the home hobbyist taking to local organic markets, or the serious farmer opting for an organic premium strawberry product. Both grower options fetch higher sale prices as 100% pure organically grown.

  • Three farms sizes, all extendable add-ons for farm production expansion
  • Complete solar greenhouse kits available
  • Farm Greenhouse and Strawberry Aquaponic Kits 
Various size options - Large Commercial POA

6mm Toughened Horticultural Glass (Silver)

 FREE DELIVERY  (capital city) (Greenhouse frame and glass only)

Full kits available.


SMALL to LARGE FARM - Aquaponic Strawberry Growing Rafts

Fish, Tanks, and Fittings (extra) 


Designed for Serious Aquaponic Strawberry Growers! Made to Last!

from A$7,495


Designed and made in New Zealand, for our harsh Australian conditions.
150km/h wind rating and guaranteed not to have panels blow out!

Clear 6mm UV Stabilized
Twin-Wall ​Premium Grade 

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Packed with our unique features only Aquaponic Warrior can offer.

  • 2 x Smooth sliding doors on roller castors with stainless steel bearings. 
  • Large range of accessories available such as shelving, shade cover kits and brackets for hanging baskets/crop support.
  • Strong, durable, powder-coated aluminium frame.  
  • 6mm premium grade, insulating polycarbonate glazing.
  • Outstanding customer 2 x Smooth sliding doors on roller castors with stainless steel bearings. 
  • 12 x Opening, lockable roof vents. Auto vent openers and louvre vent kits available.
  • 6mm premium grade, insulating polycarbonate glazing.

Green and black are the standard colours. Colorbond range of colours is available at an extra cost.