Aquaponic Fish Food

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Australian raised and Australian processed freeze-dried Mealworms will be the very best for organic, healthier Aquaponic Fishes.  

Mealworms 10 packs x 10g each, from A$34.80 (total 1kg)

Healthy for the aquaponic system fish that are native. Keep your entire healthiest system wholesome, such as plants and illness free of fish stocks. Intended as a healthy treat together with dried pellet fish foods.

They combine that into quite high-value oils and proteins, after which we're reaping those oils and proteins to include into normal aquaculture and horticulture packs, especially in aquaponics at which the nutrient benefits stream on into the plants grown organically because of the food series.

Storage & Care

Pisces mealworms are packed with enough food to last them for about one week at normal room temperature. They will live much longer if kept in the crisper area of the refrigerator as the cold temperature slows them down. To keep your mealworms for a longer period of time, every two weeks remove them from the refrigerator & allow them to warm up. Give them a small amount of apple or carrot & top up their unprocessed bran. After 24 hours remove the uneaten food and return them to the fridge for re-use.

Sizes Available in 10 x 1 packs as a bulk buy 

Mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor) are the larvae of mealworm beetles. 

Mealworms contain: 59% Moisture, 10% Protein, 13% Fat, 330mg/kg Calcium and 1650mg/kg Phosphorus.

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