'Aqua Fleur' Aquaponic MultiZone Growhouse

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Our Aqua Fleur Aquaponic MultiZone Growhouse is an innovative and unique growing house that offers the versatility to grow in just about any climate. Perfect for mixing plants liking the sun's warmth and those liking shade. 

Aquaponics using our Aquaponic MultiZone Growhouse will protect fish from the strong sun using the shaded area. Simply Perfect!

Backyard, Family Aquaponic Sustainable Food System

Aquaponic MultiZone  Growhouses are designed to provide growers with the best of both worlds. An enclosed Hot-House with adjoining Shade-House separated by an internal partition wall and sliding door, to create the two zones in one structure. Our AquaponicMultiZone Growhouses are constructed from the same durable frame as our popular award-winning Greenhouse range, which provides a strong, practical and long-lasting structure, requiring very little maintenance.
MultiZone Greenhouse

  • Rigid aluminum shade panels in the ShadeHouse zone Blocks out the harsh sun and wind. Also suitable for insect and pest protection.
  • Strong and durable frame Practical and tough, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Unique and practical design Looks great and provides a versatile and flexible approach to year-round growing
  • Thermally efficient polycarbonate glazing in the Hot-House zone Keeps the warmth in and the frosts out.

Proudly made in New Zealand for our harsh conditions
Rated to 120km/hour wind speed
10-year guarantee and winner of innovation awards

Two of our most popular Aquaponic Growhouse sizes

Strong, durable, powder-coated aluminum frame
6mm premium grade polycarbonate glazing
Perforated & powder-coated aluminum MESH PANELS
Packed with our unique features
Quality materials, strong design & built to last!

Keeping Aquaponic Fish, happy, cool and protected from strong sunlight 

10x12 Aquaponic MultiZone Growhouse


Width                       3220mm (10ft approx)
Length                     3844mm (12ft approx)
Height (to ridge)      3150mm
Height (to gutter)     1925mm
Integrated 6ft hot house with 6ft shade house
2x Double sliding doors, 1x internal partition wall, 2x vents


10x24 Aquaponic MultiZone Growhouse

Width                       3220mm (10ft approx)
Length                     7634mm (24ft approx)
Height (to ridge)      3150mm
Height (to gutter)     1925mm
Integrated 12ft hot house with 12ft shade house
2x Double sliding doors, 1x internal partition wall, 4x vents


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