Vertical Tower Garden



 1 Single pot for free combination:  $137 EACH KIT BOX

       They can be stacked freely by yourself, you can create your own combinations of fruit , flowers, vegetables or herbs. for large garden project, greenhouse used items.

2 Hanging pots:

          Hanging pots consists of 3 pots, 1 base,1 chain combination is mainly for ornamental, small private garden. 3-layers of pots have a capacity of 12 planting locations allowing you to have all of your favorite fresh ingredients or flowers.

3 Self watering pot system: Aquaponic System

       Self watering pot system is for home garden, suitable for flowers, herbs, and leafy plants, such as lettuce, spinach, strawberry,etc. The biggest advantage of it is self watering, use a pump and timer to control the watering time and frequency.

4 Commercial vertical plant pots system: Multi-Unit Additions

 Separate packing: 50 pcs pots in one box, 50 pcs base in one box.




50 pieces in one carton package for Vertical aquaponic or hydroponic tower garden growing system 

$137 EACH KIT BOX    (Commercial kits POA)

  Succulent Aquaponic growing garden plastic plant planter pot consists of 3 or several Tiered Planter sections, 1 base and 1 hanging chain to optimise your available growing area.


It used as either a hanging or freestanding planter. The compact footprint of only 42CM high and 32CM in diameter is ideal for patios and balconies.

You can create your own combinations of fruit, flowers, vegetables or herbs. It has a capacity of 12 planting locations allowing you to have all of your favorite fresh ingredients or flowers on your doorstep.

Succulent aquaponic growing garden non-toxic plastic plant planter pot 

Set package of Hanging Basket Application For Large Garden Projects, Greenhouse 

  • Pot Size 34*15cm (W,H) Base Size 28*4.5cm (W,H)
  • Material PP & UV
  • Color : Brown, Beige, White, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink or Customized
  • Weight 0.35g Per Piece
  • Packing 50 Pieces in one
  • Carton Type Stacked Pots,
  • Carton Size 96.5x34.5x34.5cm
Quick Details
Introduction of the product: Packaging Details
Type: Agricultural Aquaponic, Vertical home garden, Pots
Product Name: Succulent Aquaponic growing garden plastic plant planter pot
Color: White, Brown, Beige, Blue or Customized
Size: 34*15 cm ( W,H )
Weight: 0.35g (each pot)
Usage: Planting and Growing
Feature: Eco-Friendly and Durable
Shape: 3 or Several Tiered Planter
Material: Plastic PP&UV
Name: Succulent hydroponic growing garden