School Lunch Program

  Jawan Organic Farms' New ‘School Lunch Program’ is an innovative add-on to operations on the farms, to provide healthier, fresh produce to local schools Tuck-Shop for kiddies lunches, like veggie-sticks, fruits, eggs and salads.

Introducing our innovative "School Lunch Program," an exciting addition to our farm operations aimed at providing healthier, fresher produce to local school tuck-shops for children's lunches. Our program offers a variety of nutritious options, including veggie sticks, fruits, eggs, and salads, sourced directly from our farm to ensure quality and freshness.

Visit our website to learn more about our School Lunch Program and how we're partnering with schools to promote healthier eating habits among children.

With our farm-fresh produce,  we're committed to nourishing young minds and bodies while supporting local agriculture.

Explore Now for Fresh and Nutritious School Lunch Options!

Packages are available from your local Jawan Organic Farm

Coming in early 2025