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This is the course the experts do! From Home, Medium to Large Commercial Aquaponics Systems, we have it all covered in this fantastic 8-Week Online Training Course! 


Get Ready to Dive into Aquaponics! 

We even offer certification if you submit a design for assessment!

Includes Bonus FREE COURSE! Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Course!

At Completion of the Aquaponics Design Course you have immediate enrollment in our Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Course valued at USD $500.

Learn how to make your own fish tanks, grow beds, header tank and swirl filters.

Limited student registrations, as much is completed over a number of months with Murray Hallam personally teaching, consulting  and marking your course returns, exams. No other better way to learn.

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We always work in close collaboration and Murray's advisory capacity with the most knowledgeable Aquaponic Systems trainer in the world today. Murray Hallam is highly respected as the trainer of everything Aquaponics. Taught by Murray Hallam himself!

Murray Hallam has travelled all over the world teaching and installing Aquaponics systems. 

An early pioneer in the field of Aquaponics, he has over 10 years practical experience behind him and is constantly refining his knowledge, at his research facility in Australia. 

Murray's 8 week course will teach you how to design an Aquaponics system suitable for your home then progress right up to designing for a commercial system.  

Murray Hallam is that the director of practical Aquaponics that is based in Australia. Murray is naturally a trailblazer and in his research & development facility he has formed several new methodologies for commercial farm aquaponic systems.

His gold standard Aquaponics kits are distributed throughout Australia and have additionally been exported to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bermuda, and the USA. Feedback from Murray’s massive consumer base has provided valuable development knowledge for his knowledge base regarding Aquaponics.

Murray and his team will help you make your commercial Aquaponics dream a reality. This course will equip you with a working understanding of operating systems and farm design.  You will learn how to budget and financially plan your future Aquaponics farm, and will have a clear step-by-step marketing plan for your farm produce.

Just what makes Aquaponics work so well will be clearly explained. No more hunting around looking at dozens of You Tube clips, trawling through forums, reading endless blogs to try to glean the information necessary to plan and make your Aquaponic farm a reality.

The information is right here in this Future Farms Master Class. So much poor quality information is out there and how are you supposed to be able to tell which is good and which is just plain made up spin?

Murray says: "I have been fortunate to have travelled widely around the world in the last 10 years, visiting and consulting on Aquaponics farms. This has allowed me to glean a massive amount of excellent, actual experiential knowledge that I will pass on to you. I started sharing my knowledge and experience by hosting Aquaponics courses in 2009 and since then have trained over 1200 students, including from Aquaponic Warrior's own staff, and from

The International Course in Aquaponics

People from over 113 countries have taken this course.

Every video is subtitled in English. We show you student farms and explain their systems in detail, like an 1-acre farm outside Bangalore in India. Students always say how much confidence it gives them when designing their own system and getting every detail right the first time.


 Aquaponics Course Descriptor Introductions, Greenhouse Inspection and Overview Planning the Farm – Finance, Materials, Infrastructure How does it work? Nitrogen Cycle, pH, O2, Disease & Nutrients Filtration – Types & Choices Crop Choice; Plants & Fish ‘How To’ Marketing My Product/Business – Variation to Pricing, Value Adding, Branding Introduction to Legal Matters – Local & State.

Farm style – FloMedia, DWC, NFT, MBB design, Construction & Building – Methods & Choices Hydroponic Components & Aquaculture components Greenhouse Considerations – Covered Growing Choices in Grow Media Wicking Beds Pest Control – Insects & Diseases Microbiology & Water Chemistry Q & A Session. Nutrient Availability Plumbing, Pumps, Solar, Backup, Legal Matters (2) Marketing (2) – Internet, Sundry Marketing, Farm-Gate Sales, plus others. Construction & Building (2) Greenhouse Technology, Heating & Cooling FloMedia Technology – Its Additions & Variations Bio-security.

Additionally, Murray has delivered professional Aquaponics coaching programs across the United States and Australia, India, Morocco, Hungary, Portugal, South Africa, Hong Kong and Puerto RICO. Murray's teaching and consultancy services are much in demand as the Aquaponics industry grows.

Murray has partnered with Ecofilms Australia for eight years on video projects. Their production with Murray Hallam on his three dvds Aquaponics made straightforward, Aquaponics Secrets and Aquaponics DIY has contributed to the growing awareness of Aquaponics and has inspired folks to start out growing together with his systems all over the globe. Ecofilms Australia has also worked on a in online Permaculture course over the last three years and now bring their experience and skills in online course creation to the Aquaponics style Course also as producing this series of free videos.

Murray would like to visualize a lot of folks empowered to become key players in localised food production systems, through Aquaponics farms in urban and peri urban spaces. He hopes to fast track this potential by providing these free videos and online training through his Aquaponics style Course. He hopes it'll contribute to the education of more individuals, giving them the abilities to bring pure, nutrient rich food to their communities and gain substantive livelihoods.