Fish & Vegetable Greenhouses - Commercial Scale

Beautiful Aquaponic Farming 

So many economic and natural benefits. 

We supply all your fittings and greenhouses for an awesome aquaponic farm experience. Return on Investment far outweigh the initial cost, which is in itself very affordable.

We recommend Australia's native fish species. Silver and Gold Perch being very easy to manage.

Colder climates will be delighted to be able to use trout. 

A word of wisdom; try not to make 'pets' of your aquaponic fish. They are a primary produce in our food chain, really they are!

The colours in this greenhouse, have more than a 'pretty look' about them. These are the red/blue colours required by plants to photosynthesize. Growing healthy, fast crops.  

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‘Invisible’ light.
The plant on the left is taller because it received 
less red light in relation to far-red light. The plant 
on the right was exposed to the usual red/far-red 
light relationship. Credited Source:

Although plants are a thought to be colour blind, they can actually sense colours naturally that are invisible to humans. For example, plants can identify far-red light. Plants will exploit the red/ far-red relationship. A seed will use this relationship to know when germination is ready to begin. Plants also use this relationship to determine the number of other plants in the immediate area.

Because most plants absorb huge amounts of red light whilst reflecting far-red light, there will be less red light in a plant’s immediate vicinity if other plants are in the area as well. Seeds will wait on germinating and the plants that are already in place will grow faster so as to emerge above the other plants, so acquiring sufficient light for their-own photosynthesis.