AQUAFOD Fodder Growing System ROI Calculator


Fodder Growing System ROI Calculator 

Aquaponic Fodder Growing System - The Livestock Feed for the Future

Our fodder solution growing kits keep working summer or winter, drought or no drought. Systems that are economically sound. Growing for your own farm livestock or grow commercially to sell to your neighboring farmers. 

AQUAFOD'S Aquaponic Fodder Growing System

Australian Federal and State government from as low 3.2% interest only loans over 5, 10-20 years for primary producers may be available to eligible farmers. Aquaponic fodder grow systems are drought busters - 7 days from seed to feed. 

November 7, 2019 UPDATE

Here is your (ROI) Return on Investment Calculator. Easy to use and confirm so many benefits of making the change to an AQUAFOD Aquaponic Fodder Growing System.

Apply now to your local Federal or State Government Member. All sized systems available talk to us about customising Aquaponic Fodder Solutions to the operation and size of your farm.

2018/1, The Farm Business Concessional Loans Scheme delivered three types of loans—Drought Assistance, Dairy Recovery, and Business Improvement Concessional Loans. Loans were delivered by state delivery agencies on behalf of the Commonwealth. From 1 July 2018, farmers will need to apply to the Regional Investment Corporation (RIC) for the Commonwealth’s farm business concessional loans. The RIC will offer two loan products for farm businesses – Farm Investment Loans and Drought Loans. 


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