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Beautiful Aquaponic Home

Organic Foods Supply for the Family

So many economic and natural health benefits 

We supply all your fittings and greenhouses for an awesome aquaponic farm experience. Return on Investment far outweighs the initial cost, which is in itself very affordable.

Landscape your Aquaponic Gardens 

We can design your complete setup. Supplies to transform your back garden into a productive, relaxing garden to be envied by all.

Leading from the fish, into a secluded herb/veggie/fruit garden. 


Imagine this filtering down your backyard!

Every Design is Possible 

We have the best Domestic Organic Growing Aquaponic Systems available. BONUS, Fresh Fish. POA depending on your requirements. 

We recommend Australian native fish species. Silver and Gold Perch being very easy to manage. Colder climates you will be delighted to be able to use Trout. (cold climates)


A word of wisdom; try not to make 'pets' of your aquaponic fish. 

They are primary producers in our food chain. Really they are! Our tip, never name them!  

— Aquaponic Warrior January 2, 2019


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