AQUAFOD Livestock Feed Perfection

Aquaponic Fodder Growing System

Do you struggle to find good hay supply for your livestock,  or is it taking so long to haul in from sometimes thousands of km's away?

We are looking for Aussie Farmers to enter our Trial

Are you an Aussie Farmer?

Have you ever had to sell off (or worse) some of your animals because feed is so expensive and hard to find, or non-existing? Have you had livestock die of starvation in the last 10 years of devastating drought?

Farmers are doing it tough. Putting possibly hundreds of starving, thirsty, sick animals out of their misery is a deep human misery too. Its time City folk supported our great Aussie Farmers. Australia is grateful for the hard tasks they take on every day. Let's make at least feeding easier, safer, `profitable, organic and long-term sustainability, on-farm site.

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you need to read further.  We may have a solution for you – AQUAFOD®  Aquaponic Fodder!  OK, what is that?


Aquaponic Fodder is young green grass that has been grown from grain or grass seeds are grown in 6-7 days in a controlled environment using very sustainable and earth-friendly technology.  Aquaponics is using only 10% water than any other fodder growing technology and the fish in the system feed nutrition to the trays of growing grass. This 6-8″ long green grass is fed directly to your livestock as a replacement for grain and for a significant percentage of your normal hay feeding amounts.


Financial easy payment options or Government Agri Grants of low-interest loans of 5,10-20 YEARS to approved applicants are available to APPLY HERE

Sustainable, Organic, and Fast Growing 7 days, from seed to matured feed - roll out to the Paddock! 

Taken only 7 Days to grow this stock feed!

We are suppliers to premium livestock farmers just like you, and in NSW and QLD, in particular, they have struggled this season with stock feed needs. Proper nutrition is vital to the success of our carefully monitored and strategized genetic improvement program. We are passionate about using organic sustainable farming methods in our farming and we want to teach others how to do the same. 

Livestock feeding does not have to fit the “old school” paradigm that you have always thought about – it can be innovative, water preserving, 93% less than any other system growing fodder and organically long-term sustainable. 

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