First Offer - 'Branded Farms' Edition 2021

Jawan Organic Farms

First Ever 'Branded' Edition 2021

Special Notice

100% of the agricultural products produced by the local symbiosis farm grow naturally in urban and rural outlets

About becoming one of our preferred aquatic plant suppliers for commercial sales to urban areas.

Are you ready for the future prosperity of the symbiosis of fish and vegetables?


Is there arable land in these places? Still no profit?

Want to know how to make a living on your own land?

A good return on investment can be obtained with very little water? Only 10% of the water is used.
Existing or new primary producers can obtain loans from the government to grow organic food.

Get qualified!
Conduct a 4-day intensive training course in Australia, an 8-week online education seminar in Brisbane, and provide 12 months of online video training. How to grow organic fish and vegetables through natural symbiosis (symbiosis).
3-5 years return on investment-we can provide all settings and GOV application help.

Ask us about your farm...

We will set up a branded JAWAN organic farm "complete kit" for you to suit your specific space and your personal vision for your business. The cost will vary accordingly.

It is difficult to produce enough food in drought
Never worry about low water capacity
Symbiotic agriculture uses only 90% less water than planting soil

2013-2019 Australia's worst drought in decades!

The government’s response was to reduce water supply two days a week in some areas and force agriculture to reduce water use.

Similarly, officials warned that power should be allocated appropriately to reduce inventory to the lowest level in a decade.

By 2020, it will rain heavily throughout Australia. We must prepare for the next time, not whether to prepare, but when to prepare.

Now, JAWAN organic farm that uses only 10% water no longer needs to worry. Well, if your farm work is urgently restricted, then there is a new opportunity to use your land and invest in the construction of 100% non-chemical organically grown Aquaponic fresh produce and new products. Sell fish to existing outlets in the supply chain in rural and urban areas.

  Image courtesy of Nelson and Pade, USA
"Jawan" refers to the Aboriginal Australian language (any species) that fishes in the traditional land of the Jagala, Ugra and Turrbal people around Brisbane, Australia.

JAWAN Organic Farm®™ Brand Farm
Symbiosis Organic Food Producer

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